• Works so well with my children I have been using this program at home since it was released. It works so well with my 3 children ages 4, 7 and 9. I love it that it goes well with what is taught in their school - focusing on positive behaviors while working hard to receive the tokens for rewards. I love the token economy! Since I am also a School Counselor, I've been thinking about using this program with some of my challenging students. Just need to first convince my schools to purchase iPads for me to use with kids.


  • Simple and Fun. My friend recommended this app to my husband and I yesterday for our 7 year old son. So far, my son loves it! My son is really into fishing, so he chose the shark as his Avatar. I like how they made this app look like a video game, which is keeping my son interested. I’m already noticing improvements in his behavior! Keep up the great work!!


  • The best! As an older sister of a special needs child, I find this application very helpful. I have a brother who is brilliant but often needs reminders to follow through with his chores.

    Amanda Bin

  • Rock my World!This is a slick app, simple yet customizable. It works great in free mode, but I look forward to expanding with some in-app purchases. My kids (6 and 9 years old) love the graphics; it feels like a game to them. We’re off to a good start!


  • Great tool! As a special education teacher I can say BW has already made a huge difference in individual students – they are motivated to improve – and enjoy its game like features. It’s been a huge help to he parents I work with as well! Fantastic.


  • Really useful and fun! As a parent, this app is really great to use with my kids. It’s very easy to use, but it offers the power to track lots of different behaviors and rewards. It is really colorful and there is a nice soundtrack, which makes it appealing to the kids. I’m also happy to see that the app is not gender biased. The female avatars are not princesses and fairies. Instead, they are superheroes, for example. Of course, one of my kids picked the anglerfish, which is awesome. Great implementation. It is definitely worth it to unlock all features too for a mere $3.


  • Mom of 3 and they are all a year apart! OMG! I can already foresee using this app for years. First, to reward them for their good behavior and as they get older, reward them for chores initiated or completed. I love how there is an option of a chore/homework initiated and chore/homework completed independently. My youngest child does initiate a chore but intermittently needs assist be it verbal cuing or physical assist. I love that we have the option to customize behaviors/chores to be rewarded. It shows that this app will grow as your children grows.


  • Awesome App to help twin sons with ASD and ADHD! I use this app at home with my 7 year old twin boys. I love how you can customize the targeted behavior, number of trials needed to complete, and the reward. Using this app I have successfully helped my sons to wash their hands after using the bathroom, stay in their room until 6:00 am (he was going downstairs to play Wii at 3:30am) and sleep in their own bed. Currently working on my one son not waking me up until after 7:00. I also do behaviors for 21 days. Research shows it takes two weeks to change a habit do so I throw in an extra week to be sure. The boys love how they can change characters and backgrounds too which eliminates boredom. By far meets my needs, plus the chart is always with me on my phone and I no longer need to make and print off charts from the computer. Thank you so much for creating this app!