How it Works

Creating a Behavior World Reward Chart is Easy

Step 1 Create An Account

Create an account by registering as a parent, teacher or other (i.e. Behaviorist, Occupational Therapist, Speech Therapist, etc.) Once completed, you will be able to add your first child or group of children.

Create Profile

Step 2 Select A Buddy

Build child engagement by involving them in the Buddy and Background selection process. It helps them personalize their reward charts and make it more meaningful.

Select a Buddy

Step 3 Set A Goal

We’ve included a list of behaviors (i.e. School, Home and Community) that can easily be added to a reward chart. If the behavior you are hoping to address is not on our list, simply create a custom one and add it!

Set Goal

Step 4 Choose A Reward

We’ve also included a list of rewards! Select a reward for your child or group of children to earn once they have achieved their goal(s). You can also add your own custom rewards or have your child get involved in choosing their reward to keep them motivated.

Choose Reward

Step 5 Award Token

Once the reward chart is completed, it is time to award Buddy Tokens! Buddy tokens are earned each time a child demonstrates improved behavior or good habits. It’s important that children feel reinforced for their efforts!

Award Token

Step 6 Get Recognized

Each time a goal is reached, the reward screen can be shared as a “Certificate of Achievement” via an email attachment and sent to anyone for additional child recognition! We want to create long lasting positive memories for children and adults. After all, we’re all about making good behavior fun…anywhere!