Created by Pediatric Occupational Therapists
in collaboration with ABA specialists.

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Update 1.1.2 is here!We've added a Back Button BACK button!
This update simplifies the process of adding or removing Buddy Tokens.
This has been our most requested addition to our app and
our team hopes you find it useful!

Buddy Tokens and Coloring Sheets

We are making good behavior more fun for everyone with our super buddy tokens and coloring sheets.


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About Behavior World

Behavior World is a customizable behavior management tool used to create reward charts for school and home. Our app is designed to be used by parents, teachers and other individuals who work with children with and without special needs (i.e. Autism, ADHD, etc.)



The Behavior World App is designed to help children improve their behavior and build good habits. We aim to equip parents, teachers and other professionals with an easy to use tool that promotes child success across all environments (School, Home and Community).



What sets aside Behavior World from other apps?

  • Behavior World can be used at home and school.
  • Easily create fun and engaging reward charts that look like a video game!
  • It is customizable to each child’s unique interests and needs.
  • Behavior World can be used as a class management tool. It can also easily be used to create individualized reward charts for any student.
  • When set up for group or classroom management, children work TOGETHER towards a group reward! This promotes a sense of teamwork and prevents any child from feeling isolated.
  • It is available on tablet and mobile devices and automatically syncs. Now you can carry your behavior management system with you anywhere you go!

Customizable Buddy and Theme

The avatar, as well as the theme, can be customized according to the preference of the child.

Bank of Behaviors

Target behavior(s) can be customized according to the needs of each child or group of children.

Bank of Rewards

Rewards can be customized according to the interests of each child or group of children.

How it Works

Creating a Behavior World Reward Chart is Easy

Step 1 Create An Account

Create an account by registering as a parent, teacher or other (i.e. Behaviorist, Occupational Therapist, Speech Therapist, etc.) Once completed, you will be able to add your first child or group of children.

Create Profile

Step 2 Select A Buddy

Build child engagement by involving them in the Buddy and Background selection process. It helps them personalize their reward charts and make it more meaningful.

Select a Buddy

Step 3 Set A Goal

We’ve included a list of behaviors (i.e. School, Home and Community) that can easily be added to a reward chart. If the behavior you are hoping to address is not on our list, simply create a custom one and add it!

Set Goal

Step 4 Choose A Reward

We’ve also included a list of rewards! Select a reward for your child or group of children to earn once they have achieved their goal(s). You can also add your own custom rewards or have your child get involved in choosing their reward to keep them motivated.

Choose Reward

Step 5 Award Token

Once the reward chart is completed, it is time to award Buddy Tokens! Buddy tokens are earned each time a child demonstrates improved behavior or good habits. It’s important that children feel reinforced for their efforts!

Award Token

Step 6 Get Recognized

Each time a goal is reached, the reward screen can be shared as a “Certificate of Achievement” via an email attachment and sent to anyone for additional child recognition! We want to create long lasting positive memories for children and adults. After all, we’re all about making good behavior fun…anywhere!



  • Works so well with my children I have been using this program at home since it was released. It works so well with my 3 children ages 4, 7 and 9. I love it that it goes well with what is taught in their school - focusing on positive behaviors while working hard to receive the tokens for rewards. I love the token economy! Since I am also a School Counselor, I've been thinking about using this program with some of my challenging students. Just need to first convince my schools to purchase iPads for me to use with kids.


  • Simple and Fun. My friend recommended this app to my husband and I yesterday for our 7 year old son. So far, my son loves it! My son is really into fishing, so he chose the shark as his Avatar. I like how they made this app look like a video game, which is keeping my son interested. I’m already noticing improvements in his behavior! Keep up the great work!!


  • Awesome App to help twin sons with ASD and ADHD! I use this app at home with my 7 year old twin boys. I love how you can customize the targeted behavior, number of trials needed to complete, and the reward. Using this app I have successfully helped my sons to wash their hands after using the bathroom, stay in their room until 6:00 am (he was going downstairs to play Wii at 3:30am) and sleep in their own bed. Currently working on my one son not waking me up until after 7:00. I also do behaviors for 21 days. Research shows it takes two weeks to change a habit do so I throw in an extra week to be sure. The boys love how they can change characters and backgrounds too which eliminates boredom. By far meets my needs, plus the chart is always with me on my phone and I no longer need to make and print off charts from the computer. Thank you so much for creating this app!


  • The best! As an older sister of a special needs child, I find this application very helpful. I have a brother who is brilliant but often needs reminders to follow through with his chores.

    Amanda Bin

  • Great tool! As a special education teacher I can say BW has already made a huge difference in individual students – they are motivated to improve – and enjoy its game like features. It’s been a huge help to he parents I work with as well! Fantastic.